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For good times and bad times….

In Uncategorized on October 9, 2008 at 11:03 pm

Why is it that with some friends you go for months, years even, without seeing each other, and then as soon as you catch up, it’s like nothing has ever changed??

I grew up around the corner from one of my school friends (literally around the corner, no more than 2mins walk) and yet we hardly saw each other outside of school. Once school finished I would go 6 months without seeing her. But once we did finally meet up, it was like those months didn’t exist.

There’s none of that awkwardness that you sometimes have with accquaintances – you’ve chatted about how your job is going, yes the family is great, the weather is fantastic this time of year…. and then that awkward silence, as both participants try to think of something to say. Best of all, there is no guilt. No silent accusations…”why haven’t you called me!?!” or even the subtly disguised accusations..” wow, it’s been ages since we’ve caught up! Have you been really busy?”

Now that I’ve moved a couple of hours away from “home” it is even harder to catch up with friends. Recently I had lunch with a friend from school. I hadn’t seen her for four years but she had spent the last year working a street away from me. Now, I know some people would be horrified to go a year without seeing their friend, especially when they are so close and it’s so easy to meet up for lunch. But even when we did meet up, neither of us had an issue with it. Sure, we both missed catching up more often, but we took it as it was – a chance to gossip and chat over lunch. Nothing more nothing less.

I will be the first to admit that I don’t have a lot of friends. My facebook account may say different but there are not many people that I would class as being my friend. I’ve finally been able to whittle it down from the ones that don’t demand all of my time, and can understand if I’d rather spend a weekend bludging around the house with my husband than hitting the same club or bar every single weekend.

I feel blessed to finally have found those friends who will put up with me basically disappearing for months on end but who are still willing to meet for a chat and good food 🙂

Have fun 🙂

  1. Cassie,I didnt think there was another person like me out there???I'm the same, my best friends and i catch up if we are lucky once every couple of months, and in person once every couple of years!Infact for my 21st I invited my 2 best friends to Draculas on the Gold Coast with me, one flew all the way from Perth & the other changed trains an unknown amount of times from the sunshine coast. I was soo greatful, expecially considering that we hadn't all been together since we were 14!I count friends not in numbers but in the shoulders offered when times get tough!

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