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In Uncategorized on November 7, 2008 at 6:47 am

Things that people do on buses that irritate me:

– don’t give elderly or pregnant or disabled people a seat
– stand at the back doors which forces people to cram in down towards the front door – the driver then thinks the bus is full and won’t let anyone else on even though there is space at the back.
– sit in the aisle seat. Then either put their bag on the window seat or stand up to let someone else sit at the window seat – Just move the fuck over!
– people who put their legs out into the aisle or sit only half in the chair. People do need to get past!
– school kids that sit in the seats and refuse to move for anyone else, whilst making a lot of noise whilst I’m trying to get a few extra minutes of sleep (this morning there was actually a whole group of school girls that stood up to let others sit down – but they then ruined the good gesture by standing at the back door)
– smell. Okay its said a lot but some people really do smell! Don’t eat a lot of curry if you are not going to bathe!!!

Hmm….maybe I just get annoyed easily.

  1. I agree with allot of your points.. however i would just like to add in my defence that the only times i have sat half on half off a seat has been because the person slumped next to me is sooo ginormeously large they force me to only have a half seat…Thus forcing me to try to keep all of my weight on half a butt cheek…. which is an entirely un fun experience 🙂

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